I would love to be able to say my blog is a travel blog with inspiration, tips and ideas for people who love travel and writing, but it’s actually a blog for everyone. I like to write about everything. I have recently started photographing my travels. 

I started blogging to share my passion for travel and become a more confident writer.  I am just like everyone else, sure I would love to be paid to travel and write full-time, but that has not happened yet.

We all have a creative heart beating inside us. The dreams you carry with you are invitations to realize your true potential. “Dream” is another word for “beginning” — when you cross the threshold of your dreams, you take the first step to living your ideal life.

If you have ever thought of writing, but were afraid, you should read “Fear of Writing” by Milli Thornton. She will walk you through your fear :-) 

I work a full-time job so blogging, for me, is done when I have the time. I try to have the time, but life is life.

I love to talk, so please ask me anything.

I’m not an expert, but I  know a little about a lot of things :-)

Take time and enjoy life…HAVE A PIECE OF DARK CHOCOLATE!!! :-)

Take a chance in life..if you fall get back up and try again. :-)

So now you know a little bit more about ME….

If you would like to purchase some of the products I use and talk about here on my blog, then please just follow the link to my store. A Gypsy Heart Store.